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Transportation Asset Management Council - TAMC 

Asset management is an ongoing process of maintaining, preserving, upgrading and operating physical assets cost effectively, based on a continuous physical inventory and condition assessment and investment - the results of which are used to strategically manage Michigan's transportation system in an efficient manner.  EMCOG annually assists MDOT, local Road Commissions and local units of government in the physical inventory of pavement condition, data review and map development.  This is done as part of promulgating the benefits of using asset management principles in transportation planning.

Michigan’s Transportation Asset  Management Council (TAMC) 

The Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council acts as a resource for independent objective data on the condition of Michigan’s roads and bridges and a resource for implementing the concepts of asset management.  A primary objective of Michigan’s Transportation Asset Management Council (TAMC) is to assist Act 51 agencies in the implementation of an asset management program for roads and bridges under their jurisdiction. To this end, the TAMC facilitates statewide collection of system condition data, supports the development of tools and procedures, and sponsors training and educational sessions in the practice of asset management.

The TAMC Dashboards section will allow you to view the overall condition of your Federal Aid eligible roadways by Act 51 jurisdiction, as well as, compare condition ratings to other surrounding jurisdictions.  There is also Crash data available on the dashboard.

The Transportation Asset Management Council provides an Interactive Map where the PASER Ratings of roadways and bridges can be found.  If you type your jurisdiction in the query box, the map will zoom to and highlight your jurisdiction boundary.

EMCOG is involved with annual PASER ratings of the Federal Aid eligible roads within the EMCOG region for non-metropolitan planning organization (MPO) counties on an annual basis.  The three MPO counties are Bay, Midland and Saginaw which rate their own county federal aid roads and produce their own reports and maps.  As of 2019 EMCOG had created annual reports which includes a 10 year history of those PASER ratings along with a PASER rating map for the road segments rated.   Some Cities and Villages also rate their local roads, and where available those annual reports and PASER rating maps are also available.  With COVID-19 there has been a gap in map development but the program resumed in 2022.  EMCOG's 2023 PASER Collection efforts will begin in April 2023.

View PASER reports and Maps

The Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council (TAMC) has released the Michigan Local Agency 2018 Culvert Inventory Pilot Evaluation Report. This report provides both a technical report and summary of results from this year’s local road agencies culvert data collection pilot.