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The East Michigan Region possesses outstanding natural beauty, abundant natural resources and multicultural diversity. However, poorly planned, sprawling development in the Region poses a threat to the very things that make our region so unique. The local communities need technical assistance and a common platform to discuss a myriad of local issues that are better dealt regionally. 

Currently the East Michigan Region is marketed mainly as the federal Economic Development District and state designated Regional Planning Organization (RPO) for the region.  With the advent of local Economic Development Corporations (EDCs) in most counties and some cities, the need of a regional approach in other planning or technical areas is not always easily understood.  It was, therefore, determined that because the need for technical assistance in land use, logistics, zoning, transportation issues and GIS, EMCOG should begin to explore addressing these areas,  

The Members and Affiliates of the Transportation, Logistics And GIS Committee (TLAG) believe that current development patterns and projections for the future do not have to be our destiny. The Region can preserve our environment and quality of life and ensure that all residents have access to economic opportunities by:

  • Working to refocus public investment to more effectively serve and revitalize existing developed areas;
  • Working to design walkable, livable and sustainable communities with housing near jobs, recreation, transit and services;
  • Assisting MDOT and others in providing real transportation choices;
  • Providing assistance and a common platform for discussion of transportation, logistics and GIS at the local, regional and state level;
  • Working collaboratively with others to address important GIS needs.

Members and Affiliates of TLAG are working to promote these principles through a broad range of activities: policy analysis and recommendations, public education, research, grassroots action and more. We are campaigning together for smart growth, affordable housing, a better regional transportation plan, transportation environmental justice, geographic information systems, non-motorized planning including bicycle and pedestrian access. 

For additional information, please contact the EMCOG offices at 989-797-0800 or Sue Fortune at