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EMCOG staff offers a wide variety of zoning services to local governmental agencies within the EMCOG region including comprehensive review and analysis of a community's current zoning, zoning updates/amendments, and complete an update of a community's zoning ordinance.  By working closely with local Planning Commissions and Zoning Boards, we can tailor zoning ordinances to make the most sense for the community.

 Zoning Services Offered by EMCOG Staff

  • Zoning Ordinance review and assessment
  • Zoning Ordinance amendments
  • Zoning Ordinance rewrites
  • Zoning maps
  • Site plan review reports
  • Reports on Planning Commission action items
  • Reports/opinions on rezoning proposals
  • Reports/opinions for Zoning Board of Appeals cases
  • Implementation of existing plans through zoning
  • General professional knowlege on specific zoning issues/questions such as downtown regulations, agricultural zoning, airport zoning, sexually oriented businesses, cell phone towers, home based business, cottage industry, waterfront zoning, parking requirements, form-based zoning, and many other zoning-related issues.