How to Use the Food Guide

Here are some tips for using the Food Guide:

Browse Locations

Use either the Food Guide map or the search page to find specific locations you are interested in.

Create an Itinerary

As you browse, you can add Locations into your custom itinerary.

  • On a map, click an icon then click the Add to Itinerary button.
  • In lists of locations, click the Add to Itinerary Icon button.
  • On Location pages, click the Add to Itinerary button.

Once you have an Itinerary, click the Food Guide Itinerary button in the upper right corner of your screen (or click any Add button a second time) to view your Itinerary. Use the sharing tools to share your Itinerary via social media or email, or use the Print button for a printable version of your Itinerary.